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You just put a pizza in your oven, and do not know how you can remind yourself? Then online countdown is exactly right for you. With Online Countdown, you can easily set up a timer in your web browser. There is no download, installation or plug-in required. But try it yourselve. There are three ways to create a timer:

1) You only need a simple online timer. (Normal egg timer)
  • Just enter hours, minutes and seconds with Easy countdown. Then press the "Add Countdown," and you will be informed after the desired time.

2) You want to show the time to your birthday?
  • Use the top right "Point in Time" input fields and fill them out. If you do not know exactly when you can just add 0 in hour, minute and second. Then you can add the timer with right "Add Countdown" button. In this case leave Relative Time blank, you will need it in the following case.

3) You are a browser game player, and want to use the advanced functionality?
  • Then use the "Relative Time" input box, it is functionally equivalent to the simple timer, but it also provides the ability to simply copy the time into it. For example: 2:30 to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 2nd: it offers the opportunity to write according to a number by which unit it is, so is "2m" for white for 2 minutes.
    Valid input values: 1d for 1 day, 1 hour for hour 1 minute, for a 1m, 1s for 1 secound.
    So if you create an online timer that triggers in 2 days 1 hour 55 minutes and 23 seconds like, then simply enter "2d 1h 55m 23s".
Now you have created the countdown, it should immediately appear in the list below. Note that by default there is the "New Year (Demo)" timer, which allows new users an immediate impression of the functionality. You can remove it later if you've created your own. Through the list you can create any number of online timer, and thus keep all your appointments in view.

Please check whether everything work properly, because there can always be problems with different browsers.